Ching's Tomato Soup

    Ching's Tomato Soup


    Tantalise your taste buds with this soup from Ching’s Secret. One serving of the soup will have you licking the bowl and deeply satisfied. It is made with 100% real vegetables, such as tomatoes, French beans, broccoli, sweet corn and carrots.

    100% Real Vegetables
    This deep-red tomato soup is enriched with fresh tomato flavours. You can savour the bites of real French beans, broccoli, sweet corn and carrots too.

    Perfect for All Times
    All you have to do is simmer the soup mix with water. Snack on it or make a meal out of it - this soup is perfect for all occasions.

    Satisfyingly Sumptuous
    As it is loaded with exotic vegetables, one serving will keep you fuller and satisfied.